Saturday, February 20, 2016

“Thank you,” to the ‪#‎Loveismyreligion‬

A big, “Thank you,” to the ‪#‎Loveismyreligion‬ community.

This is the second time this week that someone has alerted me to a sign of love, out in the world. Thanks, Meredith for sending this to me.

 To my friends and family who don’t believe in God, and you’re seeing this billboard and feeling excluded. (or you’re seeing messages on #Loveismyreligion and you’re feeling excluded.


You’re not left out.

If there is a God, God would love you, even if don’t believe in God. And God is NOT in the punishment or rejection business. God loves everyone no matter what.

Could God reject any part of God’s self?

I invite you to accept the bill board with a cognitive switheroo’ing.

“God is Love,” translates to, “Love is Love!”