Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How do you live love?

I asked a friend of mine, "how do you live love?" He thought about it and responded. His response is below. 
This simple question gave me insight into his world and pointed me in the direction of how I can be a better human being, and accepted the being I already am.

Thanks, Lloyd.


Your question brought about a very natural answer,  however,  without creating a context of my answer i feel the answer alone would miss the mark.  

I saw a movie called "People vs The State of Illusion" that has an explanation of what love is and it resonates for me as to how I live Love every day. 

Humberto Maturana (Chillaen Botinist) expression of Love.  

His definition of Love is: It's the act of one person allowing another person to be a legitimate other.  It's the act of profound respect.  

It's the act of me allowing you to be you, and when you experience that coming from me it opens you.  It brings about an absolute level of trust.  

This cannot be rationalized into existence,  it simply is a space of being in each moment.  

I also incorporate into what my definition of Love is: The desire to allow and nurture the   full development and expression of who another desires and has the potential to be. 

When people love each other,  there is an experience of spiritual connection that is natural and palpable. 

How I live Love every day is, I endeavor to take a breath and get present to who I am interacting with, what we're doing and the beauty that we're in this life together, this moment is no accident.  Am i successful in every moment,  no.  Life's a journey and  i have success every day"

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Love Is My Religion's podcasts

Love Is My Religion's podcasts

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Just listening to a podcast about love supports you in having more loving thoughts. The more loving thoughts you have, the more likely you are to take loving actions. The end result:  more love for everybody.

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